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Image by Chris Gallagher

Natural Disaster

A Home With Fire Damage Is Tough to Sell

From a financial standpoint, when it comes to selling a property damaged by fire, it is almost easier if the home burns to the ground, believe it or not. If a home is completely destroyed, homeowner's insurance will compensate you for at least some of the property’s value. However, if a fire is confined to a room, several rooms, or races through much of the home, leaving it a shell, then it can be prohibitively expensive to restore or rebuild the home.

Flooding & Leaking – A Water Damaged Home is Tough to Sell

Floods do not happen often so many of us don’t expect it to happen to us. Floods can be caused by Mother Nature or by any number of plumbing issues. Homeowner insurance policies can get very tricky around the area of water damage. This may lead to the kind of home repair bill many owners simply can’t afford. Any kind of water damage can make a house unmarketable, no matter how great it was before the water damage happened.

We Know How to Assess Your Home – So You Get a Fair Price

When you’re dealing with a home that’s been damaged by a totally unforeseen disaster, it’s an incredibly stressful ordeal. Our team members can help you assess the damage and walk you through the various options available to you. If you decide to sell, we can purchase your home quickly, so you can move on and re-establish your life.

King Home Offer Will Buy Your Fire or Flood Damaged Home “As-Is”!

If your home is completely ruined, and you either don’t have homeowner’s insurance or you don’t have enough insurance to cover everything, then selling your home may be the best – or only – option. We have good news! You won’t have to deal with repairs or clean-up because King Home Offer will purchase a flood- or fire-damaged home “as-is”. You already have enough on your plate, so we will take care of everything for you. You can have cash-in-hand within a matter of days so you can take care of the necessary expenses to make an easier transition to a new home.

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